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How can I find out if my condo unit is protected by the Condo Quality guarantee?

When purchasing a condo covered by the Condo Quality guarantee, buyers must sign specific documents to this effect. The ACQ Résidentiel team sees to it that all documents are signed by the new owners. You can also consult the list of projects registered for the Condo Quality guarantee here.

Are advance payments protected by the Condo Quality guarantee capped at a certain amount?

With the Condo Quality guarantee, 100% of advance payments are protected. There is no limit. In accordance with the agreement you have with your contractor, you simply need to make sure that the amount mentioned in your purchase agreement is identical to the advance payments you’ve made. In the event of a default on the part of the contractor, the advance payments mentioned in the purchase agreement will be fully protected by the Condo Quality guarantee.

What do the quality inspections during the construction phase consist of?

Keep in mind that 100% of projects registered for the Condo Quality guarantee are inspected by ACQ Résidentiel’s building inspectors. To ensure building quality control, we carry out more than eight inspections per project. These include inspections carried out at key construction phases such as foundation, casing, structural slabs, building enclosure, insulation, masonry, finishes, etc. The number of inspections is subject to vary according to the project’s complexity. After each inspection, the contractor will receive a detailed report they can use to follow up with their employees and subcontractors. The objective is to identify potential issues and make any corrections necessary to mitigate claims as much as possible.

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