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Building, renovating, selling, or buying a property? Our guarantees, inspections, and assistance services are synonymous with quality and peace of mind.

ACQ Résidentiel’s fields of expertise

Guarantee plans

Quality control

Personalized assistance

Guarantee plans

The best way to protect your investment

  • The Condo Quality guarantee is a promise that your property has undergone inspections to ensure it was constructed in accordance with the highest quality standards.
  • The Latent Defects Protection protects the buyer and seller involved in a real estate transaction against hidden defects.
  • The Renovation Quality guarantee ensures your contractor is reliable, monitors the quality of all work, and provides you with financial protection in the event of work defects.
  • All of our guarantee plans include comprehensive assistance in the event of a claim.

Quality control

Inspections at every step of your project.

We offer:

  • Background checks on contractors and verification of their qualifications before the construction or renovation process begins
  • Jobsite presence throughout every step of the project
  • Detailed inspections and well-documented inspection reports
  • Access to a network of specialists in the construction industry
  • Effective monitoring of professionals and subcontractors

Personalized assistance

An experienced partner at your side

  • We’ll swiftly take care of your claim file and provide you with comprehensive assistance
  • Our specialists are familiar with all major industry files, issues, laws, and regulations
  • Simple and fast management of your file to ensure all corrective measures are carried out promptly
  • Harmonious relationships between various parties in the event of a claim
  • Fast, dedicated, attentive customer service

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