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You’re thinking of buying a condo off-plan. In theory, you’re happy with your decision. But what will the final product be like? Will it be everything you’ve been promised?

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Several projects covered by
our guarantee

Quality and safety

The quality seal that lets you know you’re making a sound purchase

With ACQ Résidentiel’s Condo Quality guarantee, you’ll know your property has been inspected in accordance with the highest construction standards.

What’s more, even if you must undergo a claims process, our experts will assist you throughout each step and follow up with your contractors to make sure corrections are made.

Carefully selected contractors

Before construction begins, ACQ Résidentiel will perform a thorough background check on the contractor along with a detailed analysis of the project to ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with the strictest quality standards.

It’s better to prevent than to cure

Jobsite inspections carried out by ACQ Résidentiel’s experts at every step of the process will considerably limit the risks of construction flaws or defects.

What if something goes wrong?

If your condo doesn’t meet construction quality requirements, ACQ Résidentiel will assist you throughout the claims process and follow up with the contractor to ensure that all corrections are made.

Why choose the Condo Quality

In addition to satisfying requirements of mortgage lenders and loan insurers, the Condo Quality guarantee provides you with full protection.
  • 100% advance payment guarantee
  • Certificate of project completion
  • Three-year warranty against latent defects *Depending on your current guarantee contract
  • Five-year warranty against construction defects
  • Free assistance in the event of a claim
  • Guarantee transferable should you decide to resell


Coverage you won’t find anywhere else

Coverage of private portions

  • Hidden defects warranty – 3 years after taking possession *Depending on your current guarantee contract

  • Construction defects warranty – 5 years after taking possession

  • Deposit warranty – 100% of the deposit amount set out in the guarantee contract

  • Completion guarantee and apparent defects –  Indicated on the completion certificate *This work must be claimed within 6 months of taking possession.

Coverage of common areas

  • Hidden defects warranty – 3 years after taking possession *Depending on your current guarantee contract

    Hidden defects warranty – 3 years after taking possession *Depending on your current guarantee contract

  • Construction defects warranty – 5 years after taking possession

    Construction defects warranty – 5 years after taking possession


See all covered projects

A quality seal issued by the best builders in Quebec!

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Frequently asked questions

How can I find out if my condo unit is protected by the Condo Quality guarantee?

When purchasing a condo covered by the Condo Quality guarantee, buyers must sign specific documents to this effect. The ACQ Résidentiel team sees to it that all documents are signed by the new owners. You can also consult the list of projects registered for the Condo Quality guarantee here.

Are advance payments protected by the Condo Quality guarantee capped at a certain amount?

With the Condo Quality guarantee, 100% of advance payments are protected. There is no limit. In accordance with the agreement you have with your contractor, you simply need to make sure that the amount mentioned in your purchase agreement is identical to the advance payments you’ve made. In the event of a default on the part of the contractor, the advance payments mentioned in the purchase agreement will be fully protected by the Condo Quality guarantee.

What do the quality inspections during the construction phase consist of?

Keep in mind that 100% of projects registered for the Condo Quality guarantee are inspected by ACQ Résidentiel’s building inspectors. To ensure building quality control, we carry out more than eight inspections per project. These include inspections carried out at key construction phases such as foundation, casing, structural slabs, building enclosure, insulation, masonry, finishes, etc. The number of inspections is subject to vary according to the project’s complexity. After each inspection, the contractor will receive a detailed report they can use to follow up with their employees and subcontractors. The objective is to identify potential issues and make any corrections necessary to mitigate claims as much as possible.

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