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Construction types

Ensure all of your projects are a success thanks to our comprehensive guarantees and personalized assistance services. Our team of experts will help you carry out high-quality projects that are larger than life.

Project MAA

High-Rise Construction

Attract more buyers thanks to our recognized guarantee plan, which covers every aspect of your projects. Reach new heights with the help of our assistance services offered by our team of experts.

Enjoy a fast registration process, personalized assistance services, and job site inspections carried out by experts.

  • Condo Quality Guarantee
  • Assistance service
  • Inventory quality guarantee

Project La Chapelle Maison Outremont

Building Conversion

Consult us on the assessment of your plans, on construction techniques, and on all legal and regulatory aspects. Choose an experienced partner who will help you build big!

Enjoy a fast registration process and personalized assistance to construct buildings that meet the highest industry standards.

  • Condo quality guarantee
  • Technical expertise
  • Consulting services
  • VIP experience delivery

GCR Construction

Increase your business opportunities by choosing our guarantee plan recognized for top-quality inspections as well as excellent after-sales service. We offer solutions for a variety of projects, including condominium renovations as well as building extensions. Guarantee peace of mind through the quality and reliability of your work

Enjoy a fast registration process and personalized assistance services that will set you apart from the competition.

  • Renovation quality guarantee
  • Rechnical expertise
  • After-sales services
  • Assistance services

Picture : Monarc Condominium – Phase 2


Take advantage of assistance services that meet all GCR requirements and get solutions that are adapted to your job sites. We will work closely with you to help interpret reports, regulatory laws pertaining to residential buildings and renovations, as well as the Building Code itself. With us, you can set your sights high!

Enjoy a quick registration process and professional assistance services that will simplify your relationship with the GCR.

  • GCR surety bond
  • Technical expertise
  • Units in inventory guarantee
  • VIP experience delivery


Are you thinking of building or converting an existing building into a rental property? Now you can guarantee quality to the building owner, and let us handle your after-sales service. When it comes to building something big, our assistance services and guarantee plans are second to none!

Enjoy a fast registration process and personalized assistance services for your next rental buildings.

  • Multiplex quality guarantee
  • Technical expertise
  • After-sales services
  • Assistance services

Resale Market

Are you planning to sell or purchase real estate in the near future? Protect yourself against latent defects and get assistance in the event of a claim. We’ll approach the qualification inspection process the same as we would any of our major projects, and this guarantee is transferable after resale.

Protect yourself against latent defects, whether you’re buying or selling.

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